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Control flies and other annoying insects Safely and Effectively... since 1995!

Environmentally Safe

Eco Friendly Rid Max Fly TrapThe Rid-Max Fly Trap is a patented, environmentally safe insect trap. The Rid-Max Fly Trap is manufactured using recycled materials and considered a "Green" product. It traps flies and other insects without the use of toxic pesticides or chemicals, or messy and expensive liquid lures.You provide your own choice of safe and natural baits. 



Reusable eco friendly fly trapEmpty and reuse for months/years of extended insect control. Eliminates unnecessary landfill clutter associated with disposable traps, pest strips, pesticide containers, etc.



Easy to clean

Easy to clean, just empty and reuseUnlike unsanitary liquid traps, there is no disgusting wet mess. Empty out the dried out dehydrated flies and the trap is ready to be used again.




Save money using the resusable Rid-Max Fly TrapSave money by reusing your trap instead of throwing money away on those disposable traps, fly paper, pesticides, or other methods of fly control that need to be replaced often.



Feed reptiles, fish, birds, or other pets

Feed trapped bugs to your reptile, fish, amphibian, bird  pets!You can feed your trapped insects to reptile, fish, amphibians, or birds. Saves you the  time, money, and effort of catching and/or buying feed for your insect-eating pets. Trapped live or dead flies can be used as supplementary food. The Rid-Max Fly Trap is capable of trapping many different types of insects depending on what bait you use. You can always easily release any curious beneficial insects or reptiles that might wander into the trap looking for a free meal. This is a great product for scientists conducting live insect trapping tests, pet shops and herpetology shops.



Portable and Collapsible

Great idea, portable Rid-Max Fly TrapTake a trap with you on any of your outdoor activities. The trap collapses easily and quick and simple assembly allows easy set-up and storage.



USDA Certified

Rid-Max tested and certified by the USDAThe Rid-Max Fly Trap has been tested and certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The USDA tested the Rid-Max and determined that it can catch at least 6,347 flies a day. Read more here in our News Section.


We've Earned Your Trust

Rid-Max has earned your trust!Rid-Max Fly Trap has been helping people catch the pests that bother them since its invention in 1995. Rid-Max Products also respects our customer's privacy and has a strict Privacy Policy to protect you.


Helping People

Rid-Max Fly Trap helps our troops in IraqThe Rid-Max Fly Trap is used in Iraq by the US military. Rid-Max Products has donated traps to units in Northern Iraq plagued by flies. The fly traps are helping in Iraq by catching the insects that spread disease and germs.  Read what these soldiers and other satisfied customers have to say about their experience with the Rid-Max Fly Traps and view the photos of the traps working in Iraq. Rid-Max Products is also very concerned with helping promote School IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in our communities. Besides helping people and businesses around the world control fly populations on their farms, homes, barns, stables, schools, restaurants etc., Rid-Max Fly Traps are also in use by San Bernardino County Vector Control, Fontana Unified School District, Yucaipa-Calamesa Unified School District, Empire Polo Grounds, and McDonald's Restaurants in Riverside County.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy: We respect your privacy, always.

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Kids-R-Us Goat Farm, Texas. USA

A few months ago I bought a Rid-Max fly trap. It works GREAT in my goat dairy barn. I like the fact that it has no odor whatsoever and is not messy to clean out. I am thinking that a lot of my goaty friends might be interested in this product. What are the distributor quantity prices?

M. Northern, Granovsky Associates, Inc.

The traps, along with the bait from Bio-control, are working very well.  We are currently using the traps to make an assessment of fly populations.  The traps offer the "catch and release" method we were looking for in this study.

Again, thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,

Monty D. NorthernGranovsky Associates, Inc.


Wildside Kennels, N. Carolina, USA

Rid Max Fly Trap-Rid-Max fly traps are portable, re-usable, and use no harmful pesticides. These things really work! We keep a few of them set up around the dog yard and it keeps the fly population way down. Check out this site if you are looking for an environmentally safe fly control method.

MH Kennels, Pennsylvania, USA

Being a dog breeder and a country boy, I have seen first hand the damage that can be done to our animals by flies. There is nothing quite as painful as a horse fly bite. I have used other flytrap devices in the past. The horrible smelling traps and the terribly inconvenient sticky tapes that stick to everything but what you want. After using the Rid-Max Fly Trap, I was simply amazed!!!! It worked immediately catching flies. There is no mess, you simply dump it out!

V. Odino, Italy

Fly traps are amazing!!!!! I tried one yesterday. 30 flies in 60 minutes. Thanks again!

B. Coleman, Ireland

I have recently purchased Rid-Max fly traps - they are terrific. I am really pleased with results.

C. Kamberlane, Switzerland

Hi, we tried out the Rid-Max in several places and it does in fact work very well. Everyone who tried it was impressed with the number of flies it caught. Many people in Switzerland live in close proximity to farms and flies are real nuisance.

R. W. Cameron, Arizona, USA

Attached check is for 6 Rid-Max fly traps. I ordered one 2 weeks ago and have been using it in the yard and am amazed at the number of flies that have been trapped. It's a wonderfully efficient way to rid the yard of the nuisance of flies. I'm ordering one for everyone in the family.

R. Meunier, Rhode Island, USA

WOW!!!! something that finally catches flies. This thing is great. Thank you so much!

H. Schutten, Netherlands

Hello: Since I received my last order of Rid-Max traps I am convinced of its usage and can see that it would be viable in the Dutch market. Our family will shortly be leaving Holland for a four year posting in Gabon (Africa) - the Rid-Max traps are definitely going with us!

R. Burgy, Ohio, USA

Just wanted to let you guys know that I got your fly traps in the mail. They started working just minutes after I set them out there. Absolutely amazing! That's one hell of a product you got there. Thanks a lot!

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